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There are many ways you can heat your home. However, electrical heating provides advantages that the others cannot beat. Using an electric heating system saves you money (short term and long term), is safer to use, better for the environment, and more flexible to your needs.

It’s for that reason we recommend people looking to install heating systems in their home consider electric heating.

Once you’ve read this blog, you’ll understand key electric heating advantages when it comes to safety, efficiency, and ease of use—and how other heating systems simply can’t compete!

3 Essential Benefits of Electric Heating

For instance, compared to other forms of heating, electrical heating has no carbon dioxide, generates zero local emissions, and preserves natural resources by reducing the consumption of woods and fossil fuels. In short, electric heating is more environmentally friendly than other heating methods.

1. Electrical Heating is Safe

The great thing about electrical heating is that there’s no burning or combustion. That removes the possibility of combustible gases and noxious fumes, which can be a concern with other heating methods. There are also no radiators that can leak or bust, which would not only be dangerous and expensive to repair, but could also damage other areas of your home.

Furthermore, because electric heating runs on a simple circuit, there is little that can go wrong. For that reason, electrical heating systems tend to go long stretches without breaking down and last a long time.

2. Electrical Heating is Affordable

Right how, electrical heating is the cheapest possible way to heat your home. Better yet, it’s expected to stay that way for quite some time. You can completely control the heating in each individual room in the house. That means you’ll only heat the rooms that need to be heated, rather than the whole house—reducing your heating bill.

Electric heating systems are also some of the easiest and most affordable to install. The cost of hiring an electrician to come in and set up your electrical heating system is much less than the alternatives.

3. Electrical Heating is Flexible to your Layouts

Other forms of heating are restricted by their pipes. That means they can only be as effective as the layout of the home allows them to be. If pipes can’t be run to a certain area of the house, that section cannot be heated.

Electrical systems aren’t restricted by pipes. They can be installed in virtually any room of the house, providing you freedom to design your home as you please.

4 Types of Electric Heating to Consider

120V and 240V Baseboard Heaters

Baseboards are an extremely popular version of electrical heating. Baseboard heaters are safe to the touch, which may be appealing if you have pets or young children roaming around the house. They are also minimally styled and un-invasive, allowing them to blend in with the rest of the room’s design.

120V and 240V Floor Heating

Floor heating is an efficient form of radiant heating. The heat spreads evenly across the floor in the room. Some people prefer radiant heating because it doesn’t stir up dust and aggravate allergies.

These are best used in bathrooms and kitchens, where cold tile can be unpleasant on winter mornings. We also recommend using a programmable thermostat—which we can install for you—so the floor can be heated exactly as you please.

Fan-Forced Heaters

Fan-forced heaters blow hot air through the room. They quickly heat small areas and can be used with timers, ensuring the area is already warm before you walk in. Fan-forced heaters can be loud, so we recommend installing them in rooms where quiet isn’t required, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Some forced fan heaters even come with towel warmers.

Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is an effective way of staying warm in specific situations. If you’ve ever eaten on a restaurant patio on a winter’s day, you’ve likely experienced infrared heating. Like that restaurant patio, infrared heating is best used for outdoor areas that you want to keep warm during colder months. Such heat is very direct and fast acting, which can make it unpleasant indoors.

Final Thoughts

Heating uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home. So it pays to invest in a heating system that will help you reduce heating costs as much as possible. Electric heating is an effective choice, being easy and affordable to install, environmentally friendly, and allowing for temperature and design flexibility in your home.

The experts here at Western Integrated Home Electrical are here to help you install different types of electric heating systems—simply reach out and give us a call!