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Now is undeniably the best time to be in the market for an EV charger.

Not only are sales of EVs on the rise, but the BC and Federal Governments are offering EV charging incentives for homeowners, apartment managers, strata councils, and anyone else interested in installing an EV charger.

Do you know which incentives you qualify for and how to obtain them?

In this blog you’ll learn about the available incentives in your area, which ones you may qualify for, how much you’ll save, and how to apply for them.

In 2019, the Provincial Government launched CleanBC, a plan designed to reduce pollution through investment in zero emission technologies.

Part of their initiative includes providing incentives for homeowners looking to install an EV charging station in their home or apartment complex. The program is administered through BC Hydro and FortisBC.

Regardless of which rebate you qualify for, all interested parties must apply through the BCHydro website.

Detached Homes

If you live in a single-family home and are either considering purchasing an EV charger or recently purchased and installed one, you could be eligible for a rebate through the CleanBC program.

The rebate covers up to 50% of purchase and installation costs of Level 2 charging equipment. The maximum coverage is $350.

  • You may be eligible for a rebate and can begin the application process if:
  • You purchased a cUL, cETL, or CSA certified charger (such as a Flo charger)
  • The charger is Level 2 (208V or 240V)
  • Your property was built more than 6 months before the EV charger installation
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Apartment Complexes and Stratas

Apartment and condo rebates depend on when the building was constructed with respect to your municipal bylaws requiring EV-ready parking stalls.

Most municipalities now require new building constructions to include a plan for EV chargers. If you’re unsure when these bylaws came into place, check with your municipal government.

Those interested in receiving a rebate for EV chargers installed in an apartment or condo must receive pre-approval from BC Hydro. Unlike with detached, single-family homes, these rebates cannot be applied retroactively. EV chargers must be purchased and installed after approval.

If your building was constructed prior to municipal bylaws, you qualify for up to 50% of purchase and installation costs of Level 2 (208-volt or 240-volt) charging stations. The maximum is $14,000 (up to $2,000 per station).

If your building was constructed after municipal bylaws: Up to 50% of purchase and installation costs of Level 2 (208-volt or 240-volt) charging stations. The maximum is $5,000 (up to $350 per station).

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Federal Government EV Charging Incentives

As part of their Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), the Federal Government has created a rebate program for the purchase and installation of EV chargers.

Unlike the provincial program, this incentive is only available for those residing in multi-family homes such as stratas and apartment buildings.

The current funding covers 50% of total project costs up to $5,000 per Level 2 charger. Claims for payment should be submitted through the Transport Canada online portal.

Key Takeaways

Much is gained by switching to an EV. Lower emissions, all at a comparable cost to purchasing a diesel-powered vehicle.

But the government understands that it’s not always about what you gain. Sometimes it’s about what you can save. That’s why they’ve rolled out these incentives that allow individuals to save hundreds of dollars.

They won’t last forever, though. Unless funding is increased, Provincial rebates are only available until February, 21, 2021. If you want to invest in long term EV solutions, now is the time.